For families dealing with autism, attending church can be difficult.  Too many families have given up, saying “it is just too hard, so we don’t go” or “we can’t find a church willing to accept our child.”

At Elgin Church of the Nazarene, we believe the mission of the church should be to bring people to Christ; to make each and every person aware of their divine purpose in life.  That includes your child with special needs.

Safe Harbor was created to serve as a safe and quiet place for children that have sensory processing disorders.  Filled with safe and therapeutic sensory objects to provide your child with calming, soothing, or stimulating experiences our purpose is fulfilled in sharing and experiencing the love of Christ with your child.

Our volunteer staff have met our requirements to work with your child, including background checks and training.

As a parent, you are encouraged to observe a class in session.  Join us and see how your child can benefit—and experience a church family that cares about you, and your special needs child.